There is no better time than today to stop, examine where you are and plot a new direction. Take advantage of this perfect opportunity and get on the path to success and abundance!

Dr. Connie’s strategies will help you discover your Core Brilliance, a place of power from which you can not only make decisions about your life with certainty and strength, but also follow through with the conviction you need to create lasting change.

In an elegant, effective and inspiring way, Dr. Connie’s mission is to change the world—one person at a time.


Dr. Connie has a Ph.D. in Psychoneurology the newest evolution in the field of result-oriented psychology from the acclaimed Beurin University in Los Angeles. She is also the co-founder and professor for the university’s groundbreaking Personal Coaching Ph.D. program.

Dr. Connie is an expert in a host of personal development technology including Neuro-Associative Conditioning (NAC) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).  She is also certified in Core Transformation, Rational Emotive Therapy, Rapid Integrative Gestalt, Amazonian Herbology, Ophanim, Chi Kung, Emotional Freedom Therapy, Total Life Therapy, Art Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy and holds a degree in Physical Education.

Dr. Connie’s experience in the field of personal development and life coaching is the direct result of taking massive action after attending a Tony Robbins seminar almost 15 years ago. That put her on the path to grow into the knowledgeable and skilled life coach and strategist she is today.